Pinewoods English-Scottish-Contra Sessions

ESCape: July 1-5, 2024 at Pinewoods Camp

ESCape is the place to be! We bring you the best of English Country, Scottish Country, and Contra dancing—and much more. Come enjoy your favorite traditions while perhaps sampling something new in a fun and friendly session. From the energetic to the elegant, ESCape offers a unique and satisfying mix of music and dance in daily classes and mixed evening programs. To get a sense of the programs, we invite you to view the schedule and class descriptions from 2023.

In 2024, ESCape returns with an exciting lineup of dance, music, and other fun! This year's staff includes the following wonderful people:

Teachers: Michael Wood (English), Jennifer Schoonover (Scottish), Michael Karcher (Contra), Laurel Swift (Morris), Kat Dutton (Intro Scottish), and more!

Musicians: Elizabeth Anderson, Ben Anderson, Aaron Marcus, River Road (Kristen Planeaux, Sarah-Hadley Yakir, and Jesse Ball), and more!

We are proud to continue to teach and call English, Scottish, and Contra dancing at ESCape using gender-free terminology.

Session Rates:
$443 for CDS-Boston/RSCDS members
$453 for non-members
$335 for campers ages 13-25

Scholarships are available! See the registration form for more details.

Our session works with Pinewoods Camp, Inc. and our parent organizations (RSCDS-Boston Branch and CDS-Boston) to create COVID protocols to keep everyone safe. Our COVID protocols for 2024 are still being finalized and may include a vaccine requirement and masking for part of camp.

ESCape is open to campers aged 13 and up, and is a rare opportunity to bring together dance communities in one magical setting—who knows what surprises you’ll find! So ESCape to the Cape this summer for the English Scottish Contra ESCperience!

For more information, contact the committee, Daniel Potter, April Birnie, Connie Kent, Kate Fais, and Laurie Tupper at OR check the registration page: ESC 2024 Registration.